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My Dice Strats


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Wanted to share few of the strategies I commonly use on dice bets. Ill consider uploading few more if you guys like my strategies.

**WARNING** All of my strategies are very high volatile. 

Its important to Test out using minimum bet amount first. 


1.  Payout:6x

On Win increase by 500%

On lose Reset

**Stop on profit bet amount x 35000

In this strategy we are aiming for 6 Wins in a row which will pay x77,000 of your original bet size. 
**always turn on stop on profit for this strategy otherwise it will not work!!




2. Payout: 10x

On win Reset

On lose increase by 20% to 50%

this is one of my favourite strategy. From $10 to $500 in 10min in a good run I generally increase 50% on every lose. But if you think its too risky 20% will bring decent profit.5799C524-3F70-47D3-9860-3904DF34DE4D.thumb.png.24ba46d510022ee3b585a2087f243363.png

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