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Egyptian Adventure Advertises a Pointless Feature

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I have bet on the Egyptian Adventure slot game 46,818 according to my player stats. 

When I first started playing the slot, I noticed that the earthquake feature that randomly occurs to clear lower valued symbols off the reels and allow new ones to land (essentially, a free “respin”) was never hitting anything when the new symbols dropped. Nothing at all! So after the 10th time in a row this “feature” produced nothing, I decided to keep a tally of how many times it happened.  

Out of all of my bets on this game, the earthquake “feature” has occurred 149 times.  It has landed on absolutely zero wins today n the respin 149 times. 

I know this is a heavily advertised feature of the slot game but it’s essentially no feature at all since it never produces results.  

I mentioned it once to support who just told me it was “provably fair.” Basically, the response when you bring up any potential issue with any of the games.  The only reason we are viewed as “sore losers” is because we, at the very least, want to spend our money somewhere where it’s respected. If you don’t listen to potetential problems and think players are just complaining, then you’re not respecting the players. 

149 times, in my opinion, is not “luck” based but a faulty “feature” of a new game which is likely to have a few bugs here and there. 

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I know this is an old thread but yeah I've noticed that for sure. Seems pointless. I've encountered an issue where I set auto 30 spins & kinda zone out but have realized, no less than 5x now that the final 12+ (at least, but likely more I didn't notice) spins hit on 100% IDENTICAL LOSING boards. Every single space identical spin after spin. I got the "provably fair" speech as well from Cus. Srvc. I just said if someone were to be wagering say 1BTC and that thing banged off a 20x win 15 times in a row they'd take it seriously!

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