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A method to predict future trends according to the second law of thermodynamics


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19 minutes ago, 🐊BET MOON🌛 said:

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease over time, and is constant if and only if all processes are reversible.

The most popular explanation is that everything in order will become more and more chaotic.

Humans will die, flowers will wither and glass made of sand will become sand again. There is always green after the same red and the forces of nature dominate disorder.

When we found an orderly trend chart, then our opportunity came. This is the reason why I am victorious in a crash.

We can see that the following localized trend is an upwardly convergent curve


Obviously, it's too neat. But nature does not allow the trend of crashes to be so neat.

So we should boldly speculate that the next game should be green, breaking through like a tree rooting in the soil

Victory is here:


Conclusion: Together with nature, discover the order, break the order and win your victory!


Author: Coco The Mad King


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